Riley & Ben

Life Offers Second Chances

A Novel by J.T. White

Inspired by events from his own life, retired Atlanta attorney J.T. White presents Riley & Ben, a debut novel of heartbreaking family relationships, good intentions gone wrong, and the struggle to overcome long odds.

In the rural South of 1941, Riley McHaney misses a stop sign and plows into an 18-wheeler, killing his wife, Claire, and critically injuring his infant son, Ben. Drafted into WWII, single-father Riley temporarily relinquishes care of young Ben to his sister and after a whirlwind courtship marries the beautiful Eileen Crosley. After the war, Riley reclaims Ben. Eileen, however, has no room in her heart for a stepson.

Drawing on a healthy streak of independence, Ben survives his rocky relationship with Eileen, excels in school, and begins a promising legal career. His love life, however, is star-crossed. Katie, his hometown sweetheart, marries someone else. A series of life changing events ensues and Ben and Katie reconnect, but much turmoil lies ahead in this Southern page-turner.